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Volume Two

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Joan Hooper (nee Davis)

Born in 1921 in a cottage at Ranscombe farm near Wootton Courtenay, Joan Davis was the seventh of twelve children. She shared a bedroom with her grandmother for the first ten years of her life and can remember very clearly hearing stories about granny growing up in the early 1840s. After attending Allerford school Joan went into service as an under lady’s-maid to the Pilcher family, working for them at both their London home and at their holiday home at Lynch House near Bossington. After the war she and husband Don Hooper took over Bromham farm at the top of Porlock hill, which they farmed for the rest of their working days.

Black and white photo circa 1970s of Don Hooper in a field of corn sheaths newly reclaimed from Exmoor common.

Joan Hooper's chapter includes the following topics and many more:

  • one of twelve brothers and sisters
  • father’s job as a carter
  • pigs, ferrets, and chickens
  • farm wages straight to mother
  • three uncles and three brothers killed in the wars
  • getting the cart horses ready before breakfast
  • free skimmed milk for the farm workers
  • sharing a bedroom with Granny Bailey
  • hearing stories about granny’s childhood in the 1840s
  • sorting rags for patchwork quilting
  • collecting and laundering hotel washing
  • peddler woman making and selling pegs
  • a trip to see granny in the Williton workhouse
  • carting sticks for firewood
  • tree houses, hoops and choirs
  • stealing apples from the orchard
  • making individual pinafores for each of the girls
  • picking whorts to pay for new school boots
  • the Isolation hospital
  • Bossington farm and two men with wooden legs
  • Tivington farm and starting school at Allerford
  • cookery, sewing and darning classes
  • school trips to Lynch house
  • entering service as an under lady’s maid
  • life in the big house and in London
  • Miss Judith presented at court
  • life in the servants hall
  • winding all the clocks in the house
  • two different uniforms and church every other Sunday
  • war breaking out and dismissal from Lynch
  • a wedding and a hedging honeymoon
  • land-girls and Italian prisoners of war
  • a flock of sheep by ‘going halves’ in a borrowed field
  • taking on Bromham farm
  • clotted cream, paying guests and poultry
  • christmas turkeys and the Porlock baker’s shop
  • breaking up the common
  • retiring to Porlock weir

Page sample from Joan Hooper's Chapter

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Photo samples from Joan Hooper's Chapter

  • Black and white photo circa 1920s of Elizabeth Bailey probably outside the Dunkery hotel with a basket where she was gathering dirty washing for her daughter who was the washer woman.
  • Black and white photo circa 1930s of the orchard at Lynch House, Porlock with two of the gardeners scything grass before the Allerford school outing.
  • Black and white photo circa 1920s of a pony and trap outside the stables at Lynch House, Porlock the home which was built by shipping magnate Alan Hughes.
  • Black and white photo circa 1930s of Alfred and Alice Davis outside their cottage in Porlock with a cream tea sign hanging in the doorway.
  • Black and white photo circa 1950s of Don Hooper in riding gear with daughter Pat on his shoulders.
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  • Black and white photo circa 1890s of George and Ella Westcott and their family standing outside Bromham farm at the top of Porlock Hill.

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