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David Ramsay

Oral History Researcher and Author

Black and white photo taken in September 2009 of the author David Ramsay in front of Hadrian's wall.

Born in Northern Rhodesia to parents who lived far from any schools, David attended boarding school from the age of five, first in Southern Rhodesia and then in Scotland. His passions were history and theatre-making, and in 1971 he went to the Edinburgh Drama School. He next attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, and it was here during auditions that he met his future wife, Nicky.

His first job was to start a drama department at one of inner London's largest comprehensives, Kingsdale. At this time he also worked free-lance touring a series of community productions created from the real-life experiences and memories of the actors in his company. This work culminated in a Radio Four documentary examining his approach and technique, a technique he was to use again in drawing out and shaping some of the source material for this current series on Exmoor, although presented here in book form, rather than as performance.

After Kingsdale, David was for ten years head of the Drama Department at Queen Mary's College. Then in 2004 he and Nicky moved from west London to the northern fringes of Exmoor. They have one daughter, who recently qualified as a doctor.

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All profits donated to the Air Ambulance.

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