Unforgotten Exmoor

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Words and Pictures from a vanished era

A series of vivid descriptions of life on Exmoor, with more than 130 photographs in each volume, many never seen before in public.


The recording and compilation of these memories began with a chance meeting in Brendon churchyard between David Ramsay and a brother and sister who were re-visiting the area. They were overheard talking about a local farm on which they had both been born - she more than ninety years previously - and where four generations of their family had lived and worked. It also happened to be where David was now living. After a couple of subsequent meetings they were invited to return to their old home and to stay for a few days. In September 2007, more than 50 years after originally leaving, they did so.

During their visit, memories of childhood in the area and of everyday life on a vanished Exmoor were tape-recorded in a series of conversations, and written up. Their reminiscences sparked stories from other people, which were in turn recorded, and gradually an oral and photographic history of this part of Exmoor began to emerge.

The original intention had been to place all this material in the record office, but many people said that it deserved a wider audience. A decision was taken, therefore, to offer it in published form, and this is it, the first in a planned series of Unforgotten Exmoor.

This collection of reminiscences of Exmoor people, in their own words and family photographs, chronicles a world which is barely recognisable today.

  • Black and white photo circa 1938, from Roy Kellaway's chapter, of the Rev Marshall being seen off by the Kellaways after hiring a horse and cart from their Riding stables in Brendon, north Devon.
  • Black and white photo circa 1931, from Roy Kellaway's chapter, of Daphne and Joan Barrow and Roy Kellaway as children sitting in front of the communal well in Brendon.  Behind them is Harry Richards with two jugs of water he has just dipped into the well.
  • Black and white photo, from Roy Kellaway's chapter, taken in the mid 1960s of the Master of Hounds and Roy Kellaway riding Second-horse in the background.
  • Black and white photo, from Roy Kellaway's chapter, circa 1958 of Norman Kellaway as a lad shifting lambs in a hand cart.

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All profits donated to the Air Ambulance.

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